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UPDATE: Four Suspects Charged in Taylorstown Home Invasion
Posted on Jun 7th, 2013

Roman S. Monzon, 19, Mark A. Hoy, Jr., 19, and John A. Dey, 19, are all three charged with breaking and entering to commit robbery, use of a firearm during the commission of a felony and abduction. The fourth suspect, who is now 18-years-old, was a juvenile at the time of the robbery. He is charged with breaking and entering and abduction. His name cannot be released due to the fact he is charged as a juvenile at this time.  

Monzon, Hoy and the teenager are from Frederick, Maryland and were apprehended by members of Frederick County Sheriff's Office last week. Dey is from Boonsboro, Maryland and was apprehended in a hotel in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, by the Pennsylvania State Police. Dey fled Maryland and was located early Saturday morning and taken into custody without incident.    

The home invasion occurred in April at a home on Loyalty Road near Taylorstown. A family member went to answer the door where one of the suspects said he had a delivery. The suspect then forced his way into the home along with three other suspects. The suspects brandished a weapon and the family of five, including two small children, was held against their will as the intruders removed items from the home. After the suspects left the home, one of the family members was able to run to safety and contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. No one was injured during the robbery.  

“The arrests in this case were made possible through the sharing of information between multiple jurisdictions and the dedication and hard work of personnel from Loudoun County, Frederick County and Pennsylvania,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.   

During the course of the investigation, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office released two composite sketches and possible suspect vehicle information to the public and to law enforcement in neighboring jurisdictions. “I applaud the hard work being done jointly by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Pennsylvania State Police, to track down these criminals,” said Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Robert Johnson.  “These men terrorized a family and deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent that the law allows for this type of crime.”  

In May 2013, members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office were investigating a burglary in Maryland when they discovered possible information connected to the home invasion in Loudoun County. Detectives in Loudoun County worked with personnel in Frederick County and identified four suspects in the case. At this time it is believed there is a possible fifth suspect and the investigation continues.   

Monzon, Hoy and the teenager remain held in Frederick County, MD pending extradition. Dey is held in Pennsylvania and is also awaiting extradition.  


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